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Travel with us to beautiful Sicily

May 2-15, 2020

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Travel with The Royal-tea Club to Sicily, with its idyllic climate, dramatic vistas, and hearty cuisine that embodies all things Italian. Sicily is also rich with its own culture that is distinct from that of mainland Italy. We’ll explore some of Sicily’s most enticing regions. Discover the cliffside resort town of Taormina, where you'll marvel at sweeping ocean and mountain views, presided over by mighty Mount Etna. Immerse yourself in the long, rich history of Siracusa, once a dominating player in the ancient Mediterranean world. Explore Agrigento, where you’ll discover the Valley of the Temples, one of the world’s largest and best-preserved sites of Greek ruins, and visit the vibrant capital city of Palermo, where you’ll uncover Sicily’s Arab, Norman, and Roman heritage amid a rich tapestry of Mediterranean cultures. But that’s not all! There is an overnight ferry ride to Naples on the mainland. Some of our mainland travels include touring the old town of Naples, visiting Capri/Anacapri, enjoying the Amalfi Coast, exploring Pompeii, and the San Severo Museum in Naples.


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